Create Your Fail-Safe Launch Plan using the proven 5 Elements Framework

Remove The Last-Minute Launch Crunch And Plan Your Next BIG Launch The Simple Way!

Plan and rock your next BIG launch without the stress and overwhelm!

Your detailed and comprehensive launch plan gives you:

* The confidence, calm and energy to turn up as your best self to your audience in a BIG way during your launch (minus the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion)

* Control of your launch because you know all the moving parts are taken care of

* A valuable asset because you can rinse and repeat your launch plan again and again in future launches


Download the 5 Elements of a Good Fail-Safe Launch Plan Workbook

and rock your next 6 figure launch without the stress and overwhlem!

Who is Peju Lasaki?

Launch Coach and Srategist to digital course creators and coaches

I’m committed to  helping course creators and coaches project plan and execute their 6 figure launches without the stress and overwhelm.

I bring a wealth of experience spanning over a decade working in project management and process optimisation in my corporate career.

The plans I’ve created for our  strategic and operational projects in my corporate job  for a Fortune 500 financial services company, have contributed to a $4billion revenue in the first quarter of this year alone despite the current pandemic.

I have also helped many of my clients develop bespoke launch plans so that they are able to pull off their launches without the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion!

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth so that I’m kept abreast of the innovations and changes happening with launches which enables me provide you the best available support and coaching.

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