50+ Strategies to boost conversions on your next launch

The strategies that my clients have used to boost conversions on their launches by up to 20% beyond industry standards

I have curated 50+ strategies to help you convert more of the audience you already have and deliver an unforgettable launch experience which turns your students into lifelong fans and PR ambassadors!

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optimise the audience you already have

If you ask most people what’s stopping them from launching their offer or why their launch flopped, they’ll tell you they have a small audience and that they need a bigger audience.

However, the truth is…most people don’t need a bigger audience to launch successfully. They just need to convert more of the audience they already have!

These simple and easily applied strategies (you don’t even need to use more than a few at a time) have helped…

🔥 my clients boost their launch conversions by up to 20% even with a smaller audience. This is incredibly impressive considering that the industry standard is 1 – 2%

🔥 one client cashed in on a £33k launch with a challenge audience of less than 200

Strategies that include...

50+ Strategies to boost conversions on your next launch

What they say...

I've loved Peju's attention to detail, clarity of process and personal attention throughout the whole journey. She turned my ramblings of ideas into a strategic project plan I could actually execute and I'm so excited to do the whole thing again in a few months!
Rose Radford
Business Coach
Thank you so much Peju! That was phenomenal. Such depth of teachings and knowledge. We so appreciate you. -Lx
Lacey Haynes
Wealth Coach

Are you ready to get away from the sidelines and supercharge your launch efforts by converting more of the audience you have now?

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