I'll take care of all the moving pieces so you can focus on your zone of genius!

Full management of your launch and team so you can focus on being present with your audience, deliver your launch content and unforgettable launch experience! 

This is for the savvy course creator or coach who is ready to stop chasing their tail and see REAL results in their launches.​

You need an expert with on the ground REAL LIFE experience to get you and your team firing on all cylinders and operating in your zones of genius without unnecessary distractions.

To do this, you must...

meet me

I'm Peju. Launch Strategist and Manager.

I stumbled into female entrepreneurship in the online space by listening to podcasts on my commute to work in my corporate career as a Project Manager. 

Listening to the female entrepreneurs  on these podcasts was truly inspiring but it didn’t cross my mind that I could set up my own online business. Mainly because I actually loved my career and the company I was working for, but also because I didn’t think I could transfer my Project Management skills to the online space. 

That was until I started to hear about launches on these podcasts, and how stressful, overwhelming and complicated they were. Out of curiosity I decided to look more into launches and what they were and the penny dropped – this is Project Management! I can do what I already do and love as a business!

Leading multi-million dollar financial projects for our customers who are international governments and national banks, I was used to high pressure environments, managing key stakeholders and being the literal glue that held the many teams involved in complex projects together. 

And so I knew I could really make a difference in the online space with launches.

I invested heavily into learning all I could about launches and even though I have extensive experience in Project Management, I decided to become a certified Launch Manager to boot.

Fast forward to now, I’ve combined my corporate skills with my online world education to create expert services to help coaches and course creators have high impact and high cash launches with ease and flow. 

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