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the launch plan pro

Rock your next 6 figure launch
using a step-by-step plan
to successfully execute your strategy
(without the overwhelm!)
…all in just 2 DAYS!


But with your launches, you...

Imagine if you could....


A hands-on 2 day workshop where you’ll learn (and implement as we go along) how to create your own comprehensive launch plan, so you can successfully execute your launch strategy and never have to stress over a launch again

The Launch Plan Pro Workshop™
is unique and different from other courses or workshops because it focuses on LAUNCH EXECUTION rather than strategy


The Launch Plan Pro Workshop™ is based on my proven launch planning system that I developed after creating many project plans in my corporate career as a project management and process optimisation professional. It takes you through the same steps I use to create launch plans for my one-on-one private VIP clients

This workshop will teach you how to create your own customised launch plan so that you can...

Ready to change your life & business?

let's dig into the details

Here's how it all shakes out...

6 hours training and implementation over 2 days (plus 1 hour of pre-work to complete a questionnaire before the workshop)

The workshop is split into two 3-hour sessions over 2 days – 17th & 18 August to ensure that we cover all the bases and maximise learning. 

Recordings of both sessions will be available.



This is where you’ll complete a super-detailed questionnaire that will help you think through your predefined launch strategy and help solidify your ideas and strategy.

By the time you complete this questionnaire you will have clarity on your strategy for how you will launch your course or program, generate leads, drive traffic, promote your launch and engage your audience. You will also begin to map out any ideas around your launch date, who will be involved, what will be needed and this will form the beginnings of your launch plan.

By the end of this step, you would have:

  • Solidified your launch strategy so that you are clear on the approach and scope of your launch
  • The beginnings of your launch plan that makes it easy for you to create your plan as we go along



Now that you have solidified your strategy and have the beginnings of your launch plan, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and create your launch plan.

This step is all about creating the step by step, play by play of #allthemovingpieces into an actionable and easy to execute plan so that there is no stress, overwhelm or confusion. 

You also get to learn how to use Asana *gleefully rubbing my hands together* – my favourite launch planning tool!

By the end of this step, you would have:

  • Set up your account and launch project plan in Asana so that you can successfully execute your launch
  • Broken down your launch strategy into milestones (sections) with actionable tasks and deliverables that makes your executing your launch a breeze
  • Learned my trick for guaranteeing that you don’t miss or forget anything when creating your plan – so that you stay on top of #allthemovingpieces
  • Built buffers around critical tasks and deliverables so that your entire launch is not derailed by any slip ups
  • Assigned an owner and due date to every task so that you know what’s getting done, when and by whom to ensure accountability and ownership
  • Accurately determined your launch date and timeline (no guesswork needed) so that you are not stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted because you’ve massively underestimated the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be done and how long they will take to be completed



With your newly acquired skills and launch plan in hand, this step is all about staying on track and in control of your launch so that you can focus on turning up everyday to your launch confident, in control, relaxed, energised, inspiring and present.

One of the main reasons for stress around launches is the fear that something will go wrong. In this step, we are going to tackle this head on and brainstorm all the things that could go wrong and build back up plans for them. Knowing that you have a back up plan will significantly reduce your stress levels. 

You are also going to learn how to manage your team and ensure that you are all on the same page. 

By the end of this step, you would have:

  • Planned for things that may go wrong and mitigating against them so that you stay in control of your launch
  • Learned how to stay on track and in control of your launch so that you can live your best launch life and deliver an unforgettable launch experience to your audience that has them hooked and eager to buy
  • Learned how to manage your team and keeping them in the loop so that you can relax in the confidence that your team is performing well because they know what is expected of them and you are all on the same page



Once your launch has been successfully executed, how do you improve and build on that success for your future launches? 

This step is all about building on your success and optimising your launch process.

By the end of this step, you would have:

  • Learned how to streamline your launch process so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every launch
  • Learned my method for optimising your launches so that you are always ahead of the curve

Are you ready to live your best launch life?

Get a Spot on
The Launch Pro Workshop™ Today

(only 5 spots available)...

and get...


(£997 value)

The Proven 4-Step System for Successfully Planning and Executing Your Launch

4 Special Bonuses to Help You Take Your Launches to the Next Level 

Learn how to create your very own customised launch plan so that you can:

All happening over 2 days in two 3-hour sessions - 17th & 18 August to ensure that we cover all the bases and maximise learning. 

peek inside

the launch plan pro workshop™

Plus, these incredible bonuses...

Launch Plan Pro Workshop™ includes everything you need to create, track and manage your launch plan.

However, to further help you deliver a successful launch NOW and in the future

I am throwing in some special bonuses

Bonus One

The Launch Handbook Guide + Template 

Customer support is a huge part of delivering an unforgettable launch experience to your audience. 

During a launch your potential customers are thinking about buying or are ready to buy right now but they just need a little clarification. The Launch Handbook has in one place all the information needed by you or your team to help provide seamless support and clarity. Information such as Promotion details, Offer details, Important dates, Links to other important information, Bonus details, Q&A of all potential questions etc.

(a £97 value)

Bonus Two

Launch Checklists

Have you ever forgotten to turn an FB Ad off or replace your sales page with a waitlist page after the cart closes? 

You won’t forget any important tasks or activities around specific launch processes with these checklists. 

The Launch Checklist includes one page checklists for each of your launch processes from Pre-Prelaunch to Post launch.

(a £97 value)

Bonus Three

Lessons Learned Guide + Log Template

Want to know how to use the learnings from your launches to optimise your future launches?

Optimise your launches with the Lessons Learned Log template and guide that helps you:

  • Keep track of all the lessons being learnt during your launches
  • Easily identify and implement lessons learned so you can replicate, standardise, automate where possible and amplify the positive learnings. And for the negative learnings, you can tweak or completely eliminate

*Also included – My process for  ensuring  those lessons are implemented in your future launches.

(a £97 value)

Bonus Four

Manage Your Launch Like a Pro Training Guide

Being in control of your launch and your team is essential to living your best launch life!

This guide takes you through how to successfully manage your launch and your team. 

It covers: 

  • Tracking progress during your launch
  • Dealing with changes, delays and challenges
  • Leading team meetings and check ins
  • Communicating with your team during your launch

(a £97 value)

When you add it all up that’s a total Value of over £1,300

But because I’m excited to have you as one of the first participants of this value packed hands-on workshop, I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll TODAY for the special introductory price of just…

My rates start at £1497 If I’m doing this for my private clients.


One Payment Of


our commitment guarantee

I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in The Launch Plan Pro workshop™

You have my full commitment, attention, expertise and knowledge. 

I am going to teach you all my tips, tricks and the exact process I follow when creating plans for my private VIP one-on-one clients. 

This is a full-on, hands-on and value packed workshop and you will have your launch plan done by the end of it!

I'm Peju.

Planning & Execution Expert to digital course creators and coaches

I’m passionate about  helping course creators and coaches project plan and execute their 6 figure launches without the stress and overwhelm so that they can deliver an unforgettable launch experience to their audience.

I bring a wealth of experience spanning over a decade working in project management and process optimisation in my corporate career.

The plans I’ve created for our  strategic and operational projects in my corporate job  for a Fortune 500 financial services company, have contributed to a $4billion revenue in the first quarter of 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have also created bespoke launch plans for  many of my clients who have gone on to successfully execute their launch strategy without the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion!

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth so that I’m kept abreast of the innovations and changes happening with launches which enables me to provide you the best available support and coaching.

The Launch Plan Pro Workshop™ is Perfect For You If....

I’m ready to live my best launch life!

Before working with Peju, I thought I was okay at planning and executing but OMG does Peju take launch implementation to a whole new level! I've never felt so on top of things and excited about my launch like I do now. My team is working together without loads of input from me. I know exactly what I need to do and when, to stay on track and I don't feel stressed at all. I've loved Peju's attention to detail, clarity of process and personal attention throughout the whole journey. She turned my ramblings of ideas into a strategic project plan I could actually execute and I'm so excited to do the whole thing again in a few months!
Rose Radford
Business Strategist and Wealth Coach
Tedx Speaker
Peju may be a project management expert by trade but she is also a great listener. She is able to adapt your launch strategy to your business and your preferred way of working so that you are confident in taking necessary action. She has a wonderful way of balancing her empathy and calm with much needed structure and a gentle nudging, compelling you to commit and move forward.
Robin Altman
Executive Coach & Business Consultant

Here are two reasons why you need to get inside The Launch Plan Pro Workshop™ TODAY

1. There are ONLY 5 spots available

2. The Launch Plan Pro Workshop™ teaches you how to effectively carry out your two main jobs  that are going to help you sell more courses or spaces on your program during your launch...

Job #1. You have to be able to  convey the value and the transformation that your course or program will deliver through your launch content, so that your students know without doubt that your course or program is what will solve the problem they have.

Job #2. You have to deliver an unforgettable launch experience to your audience that sets the scene of what’s to come and what they should expect from you – this has them eager to buy from you.

In order to do these two things successfully…..You have to turn up to your launch and deliver the content and experience as your best self! Which means turning up everyday of your launch…

Having a comprehensive launch plan means that you can….

Your Burning Questions...

Because the spots are super limited, there will be no refunds or cancellations. If you absolutely have to reschedule because of something out of your control, reach out to me at least 1 week in advance to work something out.

No, I’ll be teaching you all you need to know about creating and managing your plan in Asana (plus It’s really easy to use)

Yes the recordings of the two sessions will be made available for you to refer to and watch again any time you wish

No, the free version is sufficient and works just fine. This is what all my clients and I use.

Are you ready to finally Rock your next 6 figure launch (without the overwhelm!)
…all in just 2 DAYS?!
17th & 18th August 2020


TOTAL VALUE: £1,300+



One Payment Of


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