The most comprehensive coaching program for
launching your digital product

Best Launch Life is a unique and comprehensive program for business owners who are ready to take the leap and create the business of their dreams, by using their knowledge and expertise to create and launch online programs, courses and workshops.

Why BLL program?

BLL is a hands on, implementation program that takes you from your launch goals to real tangible results!

In the BLL program, results are driven by focussing on implementation…..but not just any old implementation. We want to make sure that what is being implemented and how it’s being implemented is tailored and aligned to your business.

The BLL program in a nutshell is tailored implementation coupled with support and accountability!

You don’t just get the tools and framework and get on with it by yourself.

No, No, No….

You’ll follow step by step plans that put the clarity  and ease into the launch planning process.

You’ll also attend weekly coaching sessions, hot seat calls and training workshops to get personalised feedback.

The icing on the cake is that you’ll have me and an incredibly supportive community of business owners who are on the same journey as you to REAL, TANGIBLE RESULTS!

By the end of this program,

you will have:

Nailed down your launch goal and Strategy

so that you can focus on ONLY the actions necessary to get you the RESULTS you desire

Created and validated your irresistible offer

to make sure your audience is willing and excited to invest in it the minute it’s ready

Grown a tribe of highly qualified prospects

that are poised and ready to buy from you

Discovered and planned the right launch event

for your offer and prospects. you’ll be walked through the planning and execution of your unique launch event

Created a WOW experience and onboarding process

to give your customers the best possible chance of success so that they become loyal and raving fans

Learned how to scale your launches

with tried and true strategies that amplify your future launches

This is for you if….

You are a business owner who wants to use online launches to sell their digital products and services.

So whether you have experienced launches before or if you are starting from zero with no audience or products, we will guide you to achieve launch success. And then help you get to whatever your next level is!

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