launch management framework audit

Are you on track for a ‘Soft Life’ launch?
or are you on the fast track to stress and burnout?

You already know your current setup is not robust enough to handle a bigger operation without compromising team and client experience.

You also know that the stress inducing and caffeine fuelled way you are currently running your launches is sustainable.

But where exactly are the gaps and what needs to be fixed?

Important tasks are falling through the cracks because you or your team think someone else is doing those things. Does your launch plan have the structure and detail needed to support the execution of your strategy?

You are pulling long days and late nights just to keep on top of things but not really making the headway expected from the effort you are putting in

You are constantly being pulled in to make every decision and answer every question because there are no guidelines your team can follow to allow them work independently

You and your team are spending way too much time manually gathering data and metrics to inform you of what’s happening in your launch, pulling you away from doing those things that cannot be automated (because this is definitely one to be automated)

Let's figure out where the gaps are so you can get on track to 'Soft Life" launches


you have a comprehensive  launch plan that has the structure and detail needed to support the execution of your strategy 

you can scale your launch operations without worrying about compromising client experience 

you’ve got your team management and collaboration dialled in and you have guidelines and parameters from which your team can operate and work independently without you being the bottleneck

your systems are robust enough to support your growth and ambition, with automations doing the heavy lifting

your data and metrics drive the decisions you are making in your business

This means that as the business owner, you are able to step out of the day to day launch management shenanigans and focus on your role as the face of the business, visionary, teacher and leader

Here's how it works....

2 weeks pre-audit

The audit starts with me getting an all access pass to your project management tool, data, metrics and launch assets from your previous launches. I would then analyse all the information and prepare an audit report detailing what is working and where there are gaps. Once the analysis is complete, I would prepare an audit report.

audit call

Once the audit has been completed, we will get on a 60 minute call where I’ll talk you through an in-depth report of the audit. The report includes an action plan of the changes to implement for a more robust structure and process to operate stress-less launches and drastically improve team management.

2 weeks post audit

You get 2 weeks of post audit support from me to answer any further questions you may have about implementing the recommendations from the audit.

Technically, you get my eyes and brain in your business for one whole month not just 60 minutes

Pre Audit

30 minute kick off call for me to get all the juice and access to your launch set up

Audit of your:

Launch plan / schedule (hopefully in a PM tool)

Launch Framework – strategy, guidelines and processes

Team Management – how your team work together and collaborate

Recommendations on launch tech and systems

Data, metrics and launch assets

Launch debrief process

Audit Call Agenda

Walk through of the audit report

Discussion on recommended actions

Walk through of implementation plan

Questions + Answers

Post Audit Call

2 weeks of private voter access

Ready for 'Soft Life' launches?

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