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Optimise the audience you already have

50+ Strategies to boost conversions on your next launch

I have curated 50+ strategies to help you convert more of the audience you already have and deliver an unforgettable launch experience which turns your students into lifelong fans and PR ambassadors! 

These are strategies that my clients have used to boost conversions on their launches by up to 20% beyond industry standards

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the complete launch management framework + plan template bundle

Plan, Execute and Manage your launches like a pro.
Ditch the caffeine fuelled long days and late nights.
Never miss a deadline!

5 Asana Launch Plan templates for Beta, Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, Waitlist launches.

Each plug and play launch plan guides you through your planning and managing your next launch step by step from pre-launch to post launch. Just add in the dates, assignees and you are good to go!

These template plans include launch strategy you can apply to your stage of business, and it walks you through your next launch. They are super detailed and most tasks have a description to guide you through what you need to do. Just follow the plan to execution!

Also included:

Launch Management Framework template that informs how you run and manage your launches to ensure that your set standards and guidelines are being followed

Work package requirements template: Give clear requirements to avoid multiple reviews and rework

Meeting agenda templates: launch kick off meeting, weekly launch team meeting, launch debrief meeting

Airtable Launch Metric Trackers: sales, email, engagement, content performance, launch event metrics

Airtable Launch Asset Tracker: Key links to assets and artefacts, Email tags etc.

Airtable Launch Reporting template

Airtable Launch Debrief Log

Cheatsheets: Data & Metrics – what to track and industry standard conversion rates, Conversion boosters


Best practice detailed walkthroughs: Launch Management guide, Launch debrief guide

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The Complete Launch Management Framework + Plan Template Bundle

Includes 5 Asana Launch Plan templates for Beta, Webinar, Challenge, Video Series, and Waitlist launches.

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