vip strategy day

What would it feel like for you if you finally launched your great idea?

I’m sure that will feel like quite the achievement! Not only will you get to create an impact in the world, you also get to create your freedom and destiny!

Launches are the backbone of  your business. Otherwise how would people know about this wonderful thing that you have created? How will you be able to create that impact in the world? And how will you be able to create that freedom (financial or otherwise) for yourself?These are most likely some of the reasons you went into business in the first place!

But…I know Launching can seem daunting and overwhelming. There is so much to figure out and the questions that need answering seem never-ending too!

But fret not….because I can help you figure it all out and it would be my pleasure to guide you the world of super fun and super chilled launches.

This is why I have created this Launch Intensive Strategy Day especially for you! Yes…this is specially for you because whatever launch strategy we develop will be tailored to your business and appropriate for whatever level you are at.

So whether this is your first launch or if you’ve launched before, I can guide you through your launch and share the strategies that will take your launches from average to AMAZING!

Get ready to live your best launch life (LYBLF)! 

What We’ll Cover

your irresistible offer

We’ll define your irresistible offer that your customers want and will be hungry to buy.

launch type

Choosing the launch type that is tailored to your unique business and the stage your business is at.


Creating a content plan to ‘leak’ your launch to create buzz and excitement around what’s coming.

list building

Building and nurturing your email list to engage your audience and get them ready for your launch.

launch roadmap

Entire launch event map, content, strategy, timings and identify unique opportunities to create that WOW factor.

cart conversion

Develop cart open + close strategies to optimise conversions and reduce abandoned sales.

Launch resources

We’ll collate go-to launch resources, tools, and talent to make your launch well-executed, and stress-free!

‘wow’ factor

Strategies to deliver a wow experience to your new customers so that they become die hard fans!

your strategy day package


Once we agree to work together I’ll send you a small questionnaire (covering details of your business and launch goals) to complete. We’ll then have a call to chat through the questionnaire and discuss any launch ideas that you may have. We’ll also identify any specifics you would like to cover on the strategy day.


We’ll work out your launch strategy either via zoom or in person. We’ll cover your overall strategy, agree timings, and sequences, tech tools and other resources. We’ll also work out your secret sauce that will make your launch unique and resonate with your  audience. 


I will collate all the strategies, actions and deliverables agreed on strategy day into a detailed project plan. You will know exactly what needs to happen, when, whom by and critical tasks to take notice of. 


Once you’ve had time to process all that was covered on strategy, we’ll have a check-in call one week later to cover any questions or provide clarity on anything that may have cropped up. We can also discuss any ongoing support I may be able to offer as many clients move on to ongoing coaching or support packages.

Book a free call to discuss your launch!

We’ll chat about you, your business and see if we are the right fit for each other.