I often say that while strategy is super important, a good comprehensive plan is the backbone of any successful launch!  You don’t need me to tell you that there are so many moving parts involved in a launch making it super easy for tasks to fall through the cracks.

Making sure you have a comprehensive plan that lets you (and your team or contractors) know exactly when things need to get done. Who is responsible and accountable for certain tasks. Which tasks are dependent on other tasks so that ample lead times can be built in to your plan.

One of the things entrepreneurs find most challenging when running a launch is juggling the launch activities and the running of the day to day in the business. A good plan maps out all the other things that are on your plate as well as the launch in a way that feels relaxed and non overwhelming.

A good launch plan eases the pressure and overwhelm that come from the ‘unknowns’ because it takes it all into account.

I use planning strategy gained from my corporate experience of  building super complex plans, with countless moving parts,  plus team members spread across the globe. I know all the pitfalls to look out for and what makes a good plan that gives you the confidence and assurance that you need for a successful launch!

this package is perfect for you if...

Your strategy is all worked out (don’t worry I have a super-detailed questionnaire to help cover all the bases!) but you need help wrangling all the moving parts into an actionable plan so nothing falls through the cracks (even if you don’t have a launch manager onboard).

included in this package…


Assess the scope of your launch and other day to day business activities

roles + team

Identify the essential roles and team members needed to execute your launch

deliverables + milestones

Identify key deliverables and milestones

critical path

Identify and manage tasks on the critical path which if delayed by even one day can affect your launch timeline

risks + issues

Identify any potential risks + issues and build mitigating actions into the plan

launch project plan

A project plan complete with tasks, due dates, task owners and any dependencies so you can hit the ground running