Course Creators and Coaches come to me for a step by step plan to execute their launch strategy successfully.

It’s time to rock your next 6 figure launch without stress and overwhelm so that you can turn up as your best self and give your audience an unforgettable launch experience.

This is for course creators and coaches who want to


Confidently convey the value and transformation that your course or program will deliver and establish themselves as an expert


Deliver an unforgettable launch experience that sets the scene for what’s to come and has their audience hooked and eager to buy


Learn how to successfully execute their launch strategy – step by step with an actionable plan that covers all the bases


Live their best launch lives, and experience launches without the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion (even if you don’t have a team)

Because as a savvy course creator or coach, you know this is how you sell out your course or program

But with your launches, you...

When what you really want is to...

If you’ve devised your own brilliant strategy for your launch or maybe you’ve worked with a launch strategist or coach who has given you a genius launch strategy but... 

…But you’ve only got so many hours in a day (“hey, I’m still running the day to day of my business!” – I hear you say)

You could be on your way to living your best launch life in a day...

yes, in a day!

Introducing the...

Launch plan in a day VIP experience

Your super-detailed & comprehensive launch plan

to successfully execute your course or program launch strategy

What will I get?

Your super-detailed launch plan delivered to you in a project management tool

How long will it take?

2 hours of me working solo on your draft plan + 4 hours with you and/or your team going over the finer details = 6 hours in total

Anything else?

Training on how to update and maintain your plan, tips on managing your launch -including managing risks and issues that may pop up and useful templates

Your super detailed launch plan gives you:

The process is super simple


You complete a detailed questionnaire with lots of questions, (including some that will help solidify your strategy), to define the scope and strategy of your launch

I develop your draft custom launch plan to include assignment and identification of deliverables, resources, due dates, milestones, critical tasks, any event that could derail the launch – and a plan to manage them

We get on a call to go over any additional details and agree on strategy, deliverables, due dates – (this is where I help streamline any ideas that you may have and you get the opportunity to bounce any ideas or thoughts off me). Any team members or contractors responsible for individual deliverables will also be consulted to ensure that we are all on the same page


I develop your final launch plan to include any additional details that came up during our call and any consultations with team members or contractors


I give you a recorded walk through of how to maintain and update your plan going forward

NOTE: Points 1 + 2 are part of the pre-work which gives us a head start and is included in the overall VIP day experience and points 3-5 are done during our VIP day.

to be a good fit for this offer, you must have your launch strategy dialled in

(although the questionnaire helps solidify your strategy and cover all the bases – but you should know what your strategy is).

What my clients say...

Your burning Q’s Answered

Who is Peju Lasaki?

Launch Coach and Srategist to digital course creators and coaches

I’m committed to  helping course creators and coaches project plan and execute their 6 figure launches without the stress and overwhelm.

I bring a wealth of experience spanning over a decade working in project management and process optimisation in my corporate career.

The plans I’ve created for our  strategic and operational projects in my corporate job  for a Fortune 500 financial services company, have contributed to a $4billion revenue in the first quarter of 2020 despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

I have also helped many of my clients develop bespoke launch plans so that they are able to execute their launch strategy without the stress, overwhelm and exhaustion!

I continue to invest time, energy and financial resources into my own growth so that I’m kept abreast of the innovations and changes happening with launches which enables me provide you the best available support and coaching.